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Etiquette Haven
PO BOX 18953
Atlanta, GA  31126
- getting organized
- discovering who you are
- posture
- obedience to parents/respect for others
- rude busters/manners
- how to use names/titles 
- proper handshake
- bullying and teasing is not cool
- respect and understanding of the disabled
- gentlemen assisting ladies with 
- a new look within and without
- wardrobe
- gift giving and receiving
- invitations/parties/thank you notes 
- living above the stereotype
- popularity poison
- hygiene
- respecting God's House 
- respecting your home
- cleaning bedroom tips 
- being Cool With the Golden Rule
- parents and me sessions
- pageant training
- journey into manhood
- journey into womanhood
- living with rules
- are we there yet? teaching children patience
- cell phone etiquette/texting/sexting
- telephone etiquette 
- internet etiquette and safety 

Table Setting
- silverware use
- table manners
- name cards
- sitting quietly
- dining etiquette
- I don't like peas
- dining conversation
- Certificates Awarded.

Courses for Women
Skin Care and Makeup Application
God's Beauty Parlor
A New Look Within and Without
Nutrition and Exercise
Setting A Table
Dining Etiquette
Dining Conversation
Table Manners
The Art of Eating Gracefully
I Don't Like Peas
Silverware use
Name Cards
Social Graces
Introductions and Remembering Names
Invitations and Thank You notes
Do's and Don'ts of Dating
Formal & Informal Dining Wardrobe
American and Continental Dining 
The Gracious Hostess
Coping With Singleness
Coping With Lonliness
What Is That In thine Hand
Spiritual Diva and Fashionesta
Wardrobe - Figure Flattering Tips
Taking Jesus With You When You Shop
The Blessing Of being a Lady
The Nubian Queen
Pageant Training
A Woman Of Destiny
Popularity Poison
Self-Defense for Women
A Submissive Wife - God's Command
Internet and Cell Phone Etiquette
Fashion Consultant for First Lady's
Closet Makevover/Getting Organized!

Meaning of Swagger 
Living Above the Stereotype 
Who Are You? What Is Your Purpose 
Conversational Skills 
The Art of Dating 
Step Out Like A Man 
The Challenges Men Face 
Improving Your Appearance 
Spiritually Vital - Let's Weigh In 
How to be Spiritually and Physically Fit
The Mirror Check 
Popularity Poison 
The Two Blessings In Finding A Good Wife 
Love Your Wife as Christ Loved The Church 
The Well-Groomed Man 
Business Etiquette 
The Business Picture 
Closet Makeover/Getting Organized! 

Man of Valor
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